Who We Are

We’re a Sydney based video production company creating powerful stories, to build trust between businesses and their customers.

From creating compelling storytelling videos to producing personalised video series and working on virtually any video brief. ‍

We create personalised, humanised stories which build strong connections between customers and your brand.

Are you running a business or a brand and need help telling your story? Well you’re in the right place! We’re a team of video creatives, based in sunny Sydney, who live for helping brands tell their story with high quality video content in the most effective, engaging and authentic way. Video is the most powerful way to get people to stop scrolling and start connecting with  your brand. 

And we love to get really involved. So involved, that we're going to do the WHOLE thing and you don't need to lift a finger.

How does that sound?...    That’s what we thought! 

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We provide an individual, personalised experience throughout the entire production process. No bouncing between departments and people.

Our work really orbits around these values:

Story time is all the time. 

Make a new friend. 

Give without expectation. 

Make the circle bigger.

Be an animal, just be a nice one.

Tarryn Myburgh, TMCreates founder and Creative Director

About the Founder

I’m Tarryn, the Creative Director, animal lover, loud laughter and all round fun video creator. My passion is people and telling their stories. I am a softie at heart, and live for a good story, always looking for a way to help every person I meet. My video content is built from this passion, hating seeing how many businesses struggle to tell their own stories through video. And BOOM - that's where TM Creates was born.

My happy place can be found wherever there is nature, wind in my hair, bicycles everywhere or a great big salad. I love the outdoors, but for the life of me I can't keep a plant alive - *go figure!!*

Other very important things to know about Tarryn:

Favourite animal: has to be  a zebra - who doesn’t love some monochromatic stripes?
Dream project: To create a video series with unlimited budget
Favourite quote: “If you love something, let it go. If it was meant to be, it’ll come back to you.”

It's all about the story... It's the stuff you can't fake!

Enough about us, we want to hear from and about you!