Animation Videos

Explain complex ideas in a simple, fun and engaging way.

Are you looking for a Sydney animation studio to create an animated explainer or motion graphics video for your business?

What pops, moves and stands out?

Animated videos!

Break out of the limitations of your imagination using computer generated motion picture animation video. Whatever, however, whenever…
Deliver a message, be it product, service or brand, that will engage your customers attention and blow their mind.

Wanna see the pink elephant in the room?

Why you need video animation

Why be limited with hard to understand products or services, explaining complex things or trying to educate users on something, when powerful, eye-catching animation is at your fingertips. Motion graphics, whiteboard animations, animated explainer videos, 2D animations... you name it!

Animated videos catch the eye. They explain and entertain all at once... So you simply can't go wrong with animation for you business!

Eye-poppin' animations should...

✔ Be fun, colourful and eye-catching
✔ Attention grabbing for your audience
✔ Help you stand out from the competition
✔ Be engaging and memorable

How to make animated videos

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1. Script

Planning and concepting, bringing an idea into a script

We work with you to create the vision and goals 

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2. Storyboard

We map the story, draw the elements and give you styleframes

The really fun bit! We create the video or animation

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3. Animation

Animatic into a final animation with music, voiceover and sound effects

You love us forever and add us to your Christmas card list

TM Creates animated video production packages:


Do you like to move it, move it graphically using your own creative idea, storyboard and script. Let our highly-skilled team bring your ideas to life.


Want to deliver the big picture with the full package? Our team will help you create strategic, engaging, storytelling content that gets results

Frequently asked questions


How much does it cost to make an animated video?
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It’s often hard for us to estimate the cost of animation video production because it varies depending on what you want it for, how long the animation takes and the complexity of the project. That being said, there are some rough guides on the cost here.

An animation up to 1 minute starts around $1800. From there, 1-3 minutes is around $2500, up to 5 minutes is around $4200 and 5-10 minutes around $6500. These prices can vary depending on the project scope.

What is the difference between video and animation?
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The main difference between animation and video content is that animations traditionally use drawn illustrations while videos use real-life footage or computer-generated images. Both animations and videos deliver a message using elements like sound effects, music, voiceover, visual effects, text overlays etc.

Animated videos can be used in two ways:
Informative > where it is used to visually explain a process or set of information
Entertaining > where they are used for entertainment or provide amusement

What are the 5 different types of animation styles?
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The five types of animation are motion graphics, 2D animation, stop motion, 3D animation and whiteboard animation

With brands, the two most popular types are 2d animation and motion graphics, used primarily to educate and inform.

How long does it take to make an animation?
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Animations can be as simple as slides or as complex as a film. A short logo animation can take around 1-2 weeks to create, where as a 5 minute animation can take anywhere around 6-10 weeks.

It can take up to three months to make an animation because animators need to create and animate all the elements for it: characters, backgrounds, props and so on.

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