Case Study Videos

One of the best ways a business can gain credibility

Are you looking for a Sydney video production company to create case studies videos for your business?

Whats your case?

What is a case study video?

Things have been successful. You've achieved something great. So why not share it with the world. Case Study videos outline your company's success and effectiveness in an engaging and captivating way.

Why should I make a study of it?

Why you need case studies

Why talk when you can show. A picture says a thousand words, but a video tells a story. And a video case study provides customers with stories that prove your companies credibility and results. Add authenticity to your brand with a powerful case study video

Case Studies should...

✔ Prove your brands results
✔ Build trust and authenticity
✔ Create credibility

How we make video case studies

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1. Plan

Planning and researching, bringing the case facts forward

We work with you to create the vision and goals 

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2. Create

We film content, interview people and build assets for animation

The really fun bit! We create the video or animation

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3. Edit

We create a case study video that gets to the heart of the issue

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TM Creates case study video production packages:


Reach the top of the tree with your own creative idea, storyboard and script? Let our highly-skilled team bring your ideas to life.


Prick your customers curiosity with our full package. Our team will help you create strategic, engaging, storytelling content that gets results

Frequently asked questions


What is the purpose of a case study?
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Case study videos work by building up credibility and trustworthiness in the minds of prospects, by providing detailed evidence that you can share with people. It is a well-written script and persuasive story that illustrates how a company or individual has used a product or service in their everyday life. Marketing case studies are an in-depth account of how something actually happened, rather than just an overview of what might have been possible.

Case studies can be used to showcase your business work and sell to the world to gain new business. These stories demonstrate why people go to the company for help when they need it most, and how it’s delivered.

What are some advantages of case studies being videos?
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A video case study is a great way to tell a story and show an audience what goes on behind the scenes. They also allow the viewer to see you, hear you, and feel like they can connect with you. They can watch a video and understand the product or service in seconds.

The best thing about video content is that it's more engaging and the messaging is retained over 65% more than text. Plus with video marketing, you can upload them on YouTube to reach more people. By making it a video, your case study can be watched when you want to watch them and where you want to watch them.

What should be in a case study video?
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Case studies are usually in the form of interviews with the CEO, CTO, or vendors. They don’t necessarily need to be scripted, but it’s important to consider what your goals are for the video.

A case study video should be:
• A problem - Designed to clearly show how your product or service solves a specific problem.
• The solution - Contain details about how exactly you solved the problem.
• Evidence - What exactly did you do to help them. Show any before and after visuals in order to make your point clearly.
• Results- Outline the results and what you've achieved.

The 4 things every case study needs:
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A case study needs facts, anecdotes, evidence and a conclusion.

1) Facts: These are the facts of the story. They are key pieces of information you want to provide about the project.
For example, if you are looking to highlight an improvement in your company's customer service, what was your call time before implementing the new workflow?

2) Anecdotes: These are personal stories from those involved, showing how this project has impacted someone on a personal level, giving readers a unique perspective on what happened during this project.

3) Evidence: By giving support and evidence, you are validating the facts and providing proof.

4) Conclusion: A strong summary and a call to action that sells your point to anyone watching. Afterall, what do you want people to do once they watch your video

How can case study videos help you win business?
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Case study videos are marketing tools that tell the story of a business’s success and how it can be replicated to your target audience. With their growing popularity, more and more marketers are turning to them as a way to win over potential customers and build brand awareness.

Case study videos work by building up credibility and trustworthiness in the minds of prospects. They can be shared on social media, used as facebook ads and posted on your website to drive customer engagement.They work because they present tangible proof of your company’s abilities, as well as its successes. When people see these job-related or customer-oriented videos, they become more confident in your company's abilities and therefore, increase confidence in the company itself.'

How long should a case study video be?
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Marketing case studies should be at least three minutes long to have a chance of being shared. If it is shorter, you will need to give more context so that the viewer is able to understand the content. After all, you need evidence to back up the facts.

You also want to include a call to action telling viewers what they can do next after viewing the video so they are more likely to take the desired action.

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