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Who Benefits from Company Profile Videos

What is a company profile video?

Businesses need to do everything they can in order to attract customers and keep them engaged. It is similar to a profile someone would add to a social media app, something you want to use to show off the good side of yourself. While people may be aware of your brand, they may not feel as connected to it as they should be. A company profile is a great way to introduce others to the heart of your business and communicate the essence of your company to gain a connection with your customers.

Why you need to tell your companies story

How to use company stories to create engaging videos

People do business with real people. So businesses and organisations wanting to engage more with visitors should create company stories that show who they are. Video content helps with educating clients about who you are and appealing to potential customers by offering them something to connect with. By using strategic video, you'll achieve a huge advantage over their competitors.

TM Creates focuses on who you are and uses this to help you create an authentic storytelling video that will set you apart from the competitors. While you can head almost anywhere for corporate video production services, the only way to ensure you will receive the best corporate video production Sydney has available, would be to work with us.

Engaging company stories...

✔ Creates memories through association
✔ Create engagement and build trust
✔ Boost brand awareness
✔ Tell your customers how you relate to them

How to make animated videos

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1. Interview

Planning and concepting, bringing an idea into a script

We work with you to create the vision and goals 

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2. Create

We map the story, draw the elements and give you styleframes

The really fun bit! We create the video or animation

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3. Edit

Animatic to a final animation with music, voiceover and sound effects

You love us forever and add us to your Christmas card list

TM Creates corporate video production packages:


One of a kind for the little guy. Already equipped with your own creative idea, storyboard and script? Let our highly-skilled team bring your ideas to life.


Hop to it with the full package. Our team will help you create strategic, engaging, storytelling content that gets results

Frequently asked questions


What should a company profile should include?
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A company profile is a basic introduction to your business. It should include information about who you are, what's unique about the services or products that make up your organisation and how you can help potential clients. Great profile videos humanise your brand and make you relatable.

How do brands use storytelling videos?
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Storytelling is not just about connecting with people on an emotional level; it's also important for the brand image. When you hear someone tell stories, it is more engaging than simply reading text. The human touch can go a long way when building trust and credibility so seeing visuals and not just words can help build relationships while still delivering information effectively.

Why is a company profile important?
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A company profile is an essential tool to assess a business. It can provide customers with valuable information about their location, products and services and future prospects for success in the industry or market they serve as well as other important details like contact information.

How do you make a good corporate storytelling video?
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Corporate storytelling videos are an excellent way for businesses to connect with their audiences. From sharing memories of times gone by, to what it means now that the company has grown, acknowledging individuals who have achieved success, and highlighting accomplishments in your field - It's whatever suits the purpose best!

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