Jan 05, 2022

How To Build Trust With Your Audience Using Client Testimonial Videos

Let’s face it, in this day and age, we all have a reason to be sceptical about the products or services being sold to us. As consumers, we don’t always believe that companies are working with our best interests in mind as opposed to meeting their bottom line. And we don’t like being bombarded with countless advertisements, bogus offers and constant discounts, either. All we want is to be sure that your products or services work! And in particular, work for me and my needs. This is where client testimonials come in. They are a critical component of your marketing campaign and one that will win you success for your business.

What Is A Client Testimonial Video?

People trust people – and that's a proven fact. This is why we are obsessed with reading customer reviews of products and services before spending our money. In fact, close to 95% of customers say that reviews – whether negative or positive – influence their buying decisions. (Wyzowl)

Customer testimonial videos are simply interviews with happy clients caught on camera, compared to written reviews. Happy clients are one of the best marketing resources you have at your disposal. Who better to sell to your future clients than your existing happy ones?

By sharing stories of individuals who have enjoyed or benefited from your product or service, potential clients will feel more confident about making a purchase or using your services. However, the client testimonial videos need to be as authentic and convincing as possible. Paid testimonials and rehearsed videos don’t usually work out that well. People can smell the garbage.

As professionals who have produced hundreds of client testimonial videos for our own clients, we’re here to show you how.

Why Customer Testimonial Videos?

We all know video marketing is a must, but why should we focus professionally directed and edited customer testimonial videos? Videos are attention-grabbing, captivating and easy to share. Customer testimonial videos take that to a whole new level, with genuine feedback, thoughts and authenticity. 

Regardless of their style, customer testimonial videos are extremely powerful at boosting brand engagement and awareness, among other benefits. By leveraging the power of customer testimonial videos as an entrepreneur, you’re able to boost your conversion rate, enhance the credibility of your company and build trust with your target audience. What more could you ask for?

5 Benefits Of Producing Testimonial Videos

1. Reinforced Trust And Credibility

One of the main reasons you should consider adding client testimonial videos to your marketing arsenal is to boost your brand’s credibility. Your clients are more likely to believe other members of their community than they are to believe you. Whether its peers, friends, colleagues, neighbours or someone else. While written testimonials may help to boost your overall conversion rate, they will not be as effective as video testimonials. With video testimonials, potential customers hear real stories and words straight from the satisfied customers. They’re unscripted, genuine thoughts in a video.

2. Better Emotional Connection

Reading a customer review can convey a certain emotion or idea, but not as much as watching a video, where you clearly see the face and raw emotions of the person giving the testimonial. A written review excludes the subtle facial expressions and tone variations, while a video captures it all. This provides a feeling of authenticity, which in turn helps you build a stronger emotional connection with your target audience.

3. Humanises The Brand

One of the main challenges that online companies face is lack of face-to-face interaction. Instead of getting the in-person shopping experience you have in a physical store, you get a series of images showing you the products on offer. While this may be ideal for certain types of businesses, the lack of a human factor can be detrimental to a brand's success. Video testimonials change that, putting a face to your product, while humanising your brand and business. 

4. Improves Your Brand Visibility And Exposure

Another major benefit of client testimonial videos is improved brand visibility. Online exposure is possibly the most crucial factor of company success in our online-based world. Videos are easy to share and captivating enough to encourage people to do so. Compared to written testimonials and reviews, which can easily be ‘faked’, video testimonials are definitely more original and interesting. 

5. Provide Social Proof

You can give buyers, who are usually skeptical about your products or services and/or company, proof that they can trust you, your company and what you have to offer. As previously mentioned, most consumers simply need some form of assurance that they are spending their money on the right thing. By providing proof of people who were happy with their buying experience and decisions, you give potential customers a reason to take the next step.

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How To Build Brand Trust Using Client Testimonial Videos

You can use videos in a wide variety of marketing platforms, including:


You can add videos to your website landing pages to immediately provide potential customers with authentic video content. Client testimonial videos can also help improve your search engine ranking, which makes it easier for prospective customers to find and access your website.

Social Media

Testimonial videos are easy to share, which makes them ideal for posting on social media. By posting these videos on social media, it will help you reach a wider audience than your website itself. 


You can also embed client testimonial videos in emails and share them with your subscribers. Consumers are more inclined to open an email with the word “video” in the subject line as opposed to an email with no mention of a video at all.

Final Thoughts

While client testimonial videos are extremely effective in boosting sales, they can be quite challenging to create at first because you don’t want them to appear scripted or incoherent. A good testimonial video should be professionally shot and edited in order for it to achieve its intended purpose and tell a compelling story.

The secret to making high-quality client testimonial videos is to work with an experienced video content creator who will ensure that the end results are nothing short of perfect.

Start Building Trust With Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials are some of the most effective marketing tools in our current internet-based world. As more and more people make the shift to using videos in their marketing campaigns, you cannot afford to miss out on this lucrative marketing opportunity.

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