Apr 16, 2022

10 Great Examples Of Highly Effective Training Videos

Have you noticed some of the world’s largest brands have fully embraced the use of training videos over training in person? It’s thanks to the many advantages. A well-crafted training video can help you pass on your message in an effective and cost-efficient fashion. Furthermore, people like video – something evidenced by the fact that internet users across the globe spend up to a third of their time online watching videos. 

Even with the above in mind, it is important to note that not all videos are capable of achieving effective training. To make a successful video that the targeted audience will like, you will have to have a clear understanding of how things work and what you are trying to teach. 

Read on below to find out more about how to make effective training videos. 

What Are Training Videos? 

Training videos are educational content with the aim of helping the targeted audience acquire new skills or sharpen their current skillset and their knowledge. These videos can be easily accessed from anywhere, at any time. More excitingly, they can be played over and over again, unlike classroom training sessions. 

Benefits Of Using Training Videos 

  • Easily accessible: Training videos can be conveniently accessed by the target audience at any time, from anywhere around the world.  
  • Crafted to perfection: With proper planning and execution, you can create a training video that ensures utmost effectiveness. 
  • Better retention: According to research, people are more likely to pay attention to, and retain what they learn after watching the video.  
  • Cost-saving: By eliminating the need for travelling and hiring a training venue associated with classroom training sessions, training videos can help organisations minimise training costs. 
  • Video is popular: We said it before, and we’ll say it again. People love watching videos, period. This means that video content is more likely to be a hit among the target audience

Produce Creative Training Videos

Things You Need To Produce Creative Training Videos

For the most creative and effective video productions, you will need to have: 

  • A good understanding of the audience
  • A willingness to experiment 
  • A specific goal/aim
  • A story to tell 

The following examples of great training videos will help highlight the importance of the requirements as discussed above. 

10 Effective Training Video Examples  

1. Dumb Ways To Die – Metro

This 2012 video demonstrates just how training videos can be fun and effective at the same time. The viral sensation uses dark comedy, irresistibly catchy music, grotesque violence and disarmingly charming appearance to draw the audience in and retain their attention while promoting safety. 

Animation is a powerful tool for softening a topic and making it more engaging. Instead of portraying someone actually eating super glue, dying and then scaring the viewer, they have created an engaging animation with a catchy song to demonstrate what many would find obvious. Definftely a great training video.

2. Lifesaver – By The British Resuscitation Council

This interactive video uses a conversational tone to effectively impact the audience emotionally. Developed by the British Resuscitation Council, the training content covers how essential decisions can determine whether an individual lives or dies. 

The main aim of the video is to teach the audience how to save lives. By demonstrating real life situations and making the audience choose their course of action - it is a highly effective and realstic training approach.    

3. Coffee For Beginners – Sage Appliances UK

This 26 minute-long video is a perfect example of how you can make a long training video without being boring. In the video, David teaches viewers how to make coffee using a free-flowing natural tone that actually makes it feel like he is not trying to teach you something! Very simple and well done.

4. Golden Rules Of Safety – Gasunie 

To effectively get their message across, Gasunie, the Dutch company behind this short video used 3D animation. This humorous safety video uses animation to show something that would otherwise be impossible to depict using real-life people. 

Combining traditional methods of motion graphics and lists, with 3D animated representations of scenarios, it is a fantastic balance of seriously teaching you safety and making the message retainable in a fun way. 

5. Photoshop CC 2019 Tutorial – Photoshop Training 

Want a straightforward and easy to follow training video to get your message across to your audience? This is definitely a perfect example. This long-form Photoshop tutorial achieves its objective without the use of any fancy or complicated graphics or visuals. 

Remember, you don’t always need to overcomplicate things. Often its best to show something in the most direct and straightforward way, leaving viewers with almost no questions.

6. Whiteboard Friday – Moz

To show viewers that he has specific objectives, Rand Fishkin uses a whiteboard to list everything that he intends to discuss in each of his videos – normally covering the top trends in the field of search. 

It’s a simple one camera set up where he shares his knowledge in a clear and procise way. This is a perfect example of a well-organised video.

7. Interview With A Cloud – Lightning Safety

Are you looking for a fun and interesting idea for your next corporate training video? Well, this video, covering an interview with a cloud – explaining lightning safety in a quirky way – shows just how you can use creativity to pass on a clear and concise message in your training content.   

8. How To Hand Toss Pizza Dough – Pagliacci Pizza 

You can use a well-crafted training video that not only caters to your employees but also appeals to a wider audience. This specific tutorial is a great example of this as it appeals to both professional and general audiences alike. 

To make this effective video, they’ve used a hand help camera and created a very raw, authentic feeling. Clearly the chef knows what he’s doing! At the end they summarise some key tips and leave you with a great understanding on how to hand toss pizza yourself

9. Back Pain Educational Video – CityCare 

By using a live action-animation approach, CityCare was able to produce a highly effective educational training video. To cover subjects such as back pain, this video uses quirky visuals and an animated narrator standing against real-life backgrounds.  

10. Workplace Bullying – ReachOut

Training videos cover all sorts of subjects, from straightforward issues to those that are a little trickier to navigate. Using a lighthearted animation can help you break down even the most challenging of subjects, making your work much easier – just like this well thought out corporate training video that covers the tricky subject of workplace bullying.   

Final Thoughts 

The best training videos do not have to include all of the ideas covered above. You can start by combining two or more of the above ideas – adding more as you improve your skills and knowledge. Keep training videos simple and don’t be afraid to break things into multiple videos targeting specific points.

Need Training Videos For Your Business?

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