Dec 09, 2021

How Do I Choose the Right Sydney Video Production Company?

So, you’re looking to make an engaging video and you’re trying to decide which video production company to use? Well, let’s be honest, there are so many companies, let alone freelancers, agencies, creative directors and more. Selecting a video production company can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider and it is hard to know where to start.

What is a Video Production Company?

A video production company is a company that produces video content for a variety of purposes. It can be a film or television studio, a commercial advertising agency, or a production house. 

A good video production company will offer the opportunity to engage with specialists and a production team to create a strong video that not only delivers a clear message but also builds your brand.

Video production company in action

Freelancer vs. Agency vs. Video production company

You’ve probably heard of one of these many options, and wondering which one is best for you? Honestly, it depends on your scope of work, timelines and budget, but this will be explained more below. For now, let me clarify the difference between agencies, freelancers, and video production companies.

Freelancer working


Freelancers are individuals that have skills in parts of the video-making process and offer more flexibility than agencies by taking on fewer projects at a time. They can be more cost-effective, however, they can’t offer the same level of expertise as a video production company because they usually only specialise in one field.

marketing agency


Many agencies offer video production as one of a range of marketing services. The downside is that they have a broader range of skills and don’t focus only on video production and often don’t give the video the attention to detail it needs.

Video production team

Video production company

From filming and editing to animation and motion graphics, they know video. But not all are equal and depending on your requirements, you’ll need to compare scopes of service offered by different companies

Remember: Just because a business carries the label of “production company” does not guarantee quality video production, scriptwriting, editing, or creative concept.

10 Things to Consider when Hiring a Video Production Company

There are many factors that you should consider before you hire video production services, but if you are just starting with your business, it is important to find a reputable company that can produce high-quality videos for your needs.

1. A company’s past work and portfolio

Have a look at a company's website and social media to see the type of work they produce. If you have an idea in your mind or want something specific, then it’s important to make sure you see complete, finished videos similar to what you want. 

2. Social proof and testimonials

Just like the people looking to buy your product or use your service, you are looking for someone else's recommendations. By reading quotes, watching testimonial videos, checking the company social media and looking for reviews and ratings, you can gauge how others have enjoyed the experience of working with a specific video production company

3. Time and deadlines

Create realistic timeframes and know how much you can get involved yourself. If you find you’re too busy and want to hand the entire scope off, then you need to find a company that manages the video process from concept and scriptwriting to video editing and colour grading. On the other hand, if you want to be heavily involved, then you need to find a company that has stages for you to sign off and work with them. 

You also need to be mindful of a video production's own timelines, how long they estimate to complete a video, as well as how much room for the scope they have to take on your project.

4. Budget

Like everything else, your allocated budget can really drive your decision in choosing the right video solution. You might find the perfect company, but they’re out of your budget. Or perhaps you need to take more of the planning or post-production on yourself. There are a number of options to work within your budget.

5. Cost-effective

Whether you have a small or large budget, it doesn’t change the fact that you need to work with a company with fair and transparent pricing. Make sure the costs are clear and the entire scope is in the quote. There is nothing worse than starting the process to make a brand video, only to uncover a number of hidden costs.

6. Know who you’ll be working with

It’s important to like the people you are working with. There are many stages to making video content, and if you don’t get along then it can be a painful process. Before you decide which production company to use, meet them.

7. Creative ideas

Can the video production company come up with creative ideas for your production? Or are they a company that makes amazing videos but needs a creative direction from a marketing team for example? 

8. Types of videos

There is a range of production services available, and most companies specialise in two or three types of videos specifically. From promotional videos to educational videos, training videos and explainer videos, you need to find a company that creates the types of videos you are looking for.

9. Video styles

From live-action to motion graphics and a range of 2D, 3D and hand-drawn animations. You’ll want to have a think about the style of video you’re looking to make, and find a video production company that makes that style of video content.

10. Professionalism

Like anyone you’re looking to work with, you need to find professional video creators that have a sense of professionalism. It’s easy to think because they’re creative, they’re often late and all over the place. This is not true. A great video production company should respond in a timely manner, keep you up to date with scope, meet deadlines and arrive on time.

Conclusion: Why do you need to hire a video production company

Video production companies create high-quality videos that can make a business look good and reach out to a wider audience.

By thinking about the 10 things to consider when hiring a video production company, it can make the whole process less overwhelming and easier to find the right fit for your brand. Find a video production company you can build a reputation and rapport with, so they can continue to create videos for all your brand’s needs and tell your brand's story to the world.

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