Just shut up and hug me

Updated: May 26, 2019

I will never forget your smile. Your warmth. Your positivity.

When I first met her, she intimidated me. After 24 hours of flying. Sweating. Sleeping. Sweating more. Landing after 3 flights, only to feel at my worst. I was completely scared to be meeting strangers. Standing with a suitcase and a panda. Anxiety running through my whole body. There was nothing positive for me in this moment.

Two months later, I sit. As I look out at the many skyscrapers, I realise the void that exists.

I sit alone. Next to me, I notice my phone light up. Goodbye. Farewell. I miss you already. A brunette, with piercing brown eyes used to sit across the room. I got to know her. I loved the way her smile lit up the room. Her positivity radiating. A certain glow.

Laura and Tarryn on Vertigo rooftop bar

My experience was unlike hers. She arrived last. Late. And happy. Laura, a Colombian girl.

She walked in strong and confident, with a smile that shone so bright, it blinded. Feelings of warmth. Happiness. Such excitement to meet everyone. Where I struggled, she thrived. Where I panicked, she took charge. She hugged. She smiled. And she introduced herself with enthusiasm.

Complete strangers to begin with, only to become family as we parted ways.

Lau was my meditation partner. My partner in crime. And my friend. We helped each other over come our resistance to mediating. Discovering new things. We complemented one another. Where she wore navy blue, black and white. I wore colour. We both loved clothes. Smiling. Friendship. Being surrounded by people got our blood rushing. Her generosity.

But we both loved our clothes. Smiling. Friendship. loved ‘things’. Selflessly, she lent me her lenses without anything in return. We had the same camera. A Canon. A dslr. A passion for photography.

As I got to know her, she touched my heart. She radiated positivity everywhere she went. “Okay sweetie” Her soft arms wrapped around my body. Embracing. Warmth. Hugging. Any time I was down, I knew she would be there for me. I didn’t need to talk, I just needed to hug her, and I could feel her support from the bottom of her heart.

Lau was human. She cried. She got angry. And she made mistakes. But she never let any of this get her down. Instead, she continued to smile and be happy. She bounced back and gave nothing but positive vibes to the world.

I think it’s important to learn from others. Think about the small things and the special times. Life is about remembering tiny beautiful moments with a person, a reader and a complete stranger without expectation.

Positivity. It’s a powerful word. An emotion. A feeling. One most people can only feel at the best of times. Let alone provide positivity in others’ lives. It’s easy to let things bring you down. It’s even harder to make them lift you up.

I miss your hugs already Lau

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