Feb 25, 2022

3 Ways to Turn a Bad Video Into a Great One

Have you ever put a heap of money and effort into a video, only to find out it doesn’t work? Perhaps your audience couldn’t relate to it, or the punchline went straight over their heads. Or maybe an event occurred that rendered parts of your video incorrect or irrelevant. 

These things can happen. But there is also a way to make a comeback when it comes to quality video production

What is the Difference Between a Good Video and a Great Video?

A good video is one that has one strong focus, albeit educational, informative or building awareness. It has some technical aspects to it on a high level, that is not broken down into nitty-gritty details.

However, a great video will have all of these elements but additionally have a story to it. It will have a narrative arc and characters with who the viewer can empathise with. 

Customers can relate to it, visualising themselves and seeing their problem being solved. There is a strong storyline that ends in a call to action.

3 Ways to Turn a Bad Video into a Great One

The best way to turn a bad video into a great one is to edit it. Editing is the most important part of video production, yet most people don't do it.

We recommend editing your video in Adobe Premiere Pro. It's the industry standard for editing videos. It's also easy to use and has a lot of features that make editing easier and more fun.

Here are 3 ways you can edit and turn a bad video into a great one:

  1. Cut out all the unnecessary parts from your video
  2. Add music or sound effects
  3. Add text or graphics

Video editing in premiere pro

1. Cut out all the unnecessary parts from your video

Learn from what works and iterate. A common mistake is to simply start the next video, even when your content has key parts that work amazingly and only sections need to be either removed or rearranged.

Don’t be afraid to cut out unnecessary parts, reorder existing video scenes or intertwine content from other videos you’ve made in the past. Iterate, iterate, iterate. 

2. Add music or sound effects

Music and sound effects can create emotions and create an association with your product or service and a certain mood in your audience.

There is a false belief that all videos are watched in silence with captions. Whilst this number has increased, it doesn’t change the fact that the majority of videos are still watched with sound on. This means if you are speaking to the camera and there is no music or sound effects, it sounds hollow and ultimately boring.

Music in the background can create an atmosphere and create a mood for your audience. Similarly, sound effects can be used to highlight certain points and emphasise others. 

3. Add text or graphics

Not only can video be consumed without sound, but you can also use text to highlight key moments. Text can look pretty and help give context and structure to your videos. Every single element of text used in the video can be made in line with your brand language. This essentially helps people connect better with your brand — which is what every business would yearn to have.

Final thoughts

Have you ever thought about using your existing content to make new content? Repurpose the old and create new and engaging video content to reach new audiences.

Don’t know where to start? That’s okay. We are here to help. Reach out to our team at TM Creates and we can talk about a strategy to turn your existing content into something exciting and new! Click on the link below to request a free quote today!

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