Sep 26, 2022

Why Your Small Business Should Invest in Video Advertising

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Invest in Video Advertising

The advantages of video marketing and product videos have multiplied over the past few years. But is it the future for digital marketers? Maybe it is! Although you might not think so, video marketing for small businesses has become a very successful tactic for those who have adopted it.

Face it, video needs to be a part of your content marketing strategy. Your website design, email marketing, social media marketing, and other marketing channels can all benefit greatly from video. So why should you use videos for marketing your small business? Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Video Advertising?

Video advertising is about more than just putting a video online. It’s about editing key video content to be used on different platforms as paid marketing material. Marketers refer to it as provisional video material that appears before, during, or after a content stream. 

While some define video marketing as including display ads with video content, technically, all online promotional video content falls under the category of video advertising. However, the phrase is typically only applied to particular advertisements that complement a business's overarching marketing strategy. For example, 5-second preroll material on Youtube, 15-second ads to video into content streaming or 30-second videos on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Benefits Of Video Advertising To Your Small Business

Video advertising is one of small businesses' most versatile and lucrative digital marketing tools. Here are five good reasons to use video marketing right now.

1). Influencing Customers

Customers not only enjoy video, but video is a critical factor in their purchasing decisions. A 2022 study by Australia Post found that marketing influences 92% of consumers' decisions to purchase a product or service.

Small businesses that want to up their retail game can choose to supplement their high-resolution product photos with videos. This might determine whether or not customers are added to their shopping carts.

Video Advertising To Your Small Business

2). Increasing User Engagement On Social Media Platforms

How do you stand out when everyone uses social media to post images and articles? By producing captivating videos. In the world of digital marketing and constant scrolling, catching the attention of your target audience and making sure they stick around is crucial. 

Your traffic and conversion rates will suffer if your content fails to engage readers. An explainer video does well in increasing conversions on your website, where content made specifically for social media, drives customers to your website. Your social media engagement will increase if you create beneficial and pertinent videos for your ideal clients.

3). Amplifying Brand Awareness

People enjoy watching videos, as evidenced by Facebook's monthly average of 16.5 million monthly visitors in 2022. Videos are more exciting and compelling compared to other forms of content. After all, they present you with a fun and exciting story, introducing new people to your brand and taking them on more of a journey. 

If a picture can tell a thousand words, what can a video tell? Your brand's message can spread like wildfire with suitable videos and marketing strategies.

4). Strengthening Online Presence

Without an online presence, most businesses struggle to stay in business, let alone succeed. Video marketing can assist you in expanding your online presence by making your content more engaging and straightforward to understand.

People are prompted to visit a website or subscribe to a video after watching it. When someone sees something they like, they click the share button to let their friends know. And so the cycle begins. 

Your small business can develop a solid online presence with quality video marketing content.

5). Making More Sales To More People

According to YouTube, it has reached 89.1% of the Australian population in 2022. Typically, customers are more likely to purchase if a video advertisement is included in the product description rather than just a list of features and advantages in bullet points.

YouTube functions more like a search engine now than it ever has. Therefore, before making a purchase, potential customers are more likely to research your company and what you have to offer on YouTube.

Benefits Of Video Advertising To Your Small Business

How To Start Small Business Video Advertising

A small business may be adept at social media in general, but the thought of experimenting with video ads may put them off. Even though creating video advertisements requires time and money, the investment is crucial now because video internet traffic is only set to increase. Here is how you can start a small business video production:

  • Establish a plan for using the platform you wish to advertise on. You should adapt the length and style of your videos to the social media platform you're using because not all of them support video content. Analytical data can also help you improve your strategy by letting you know which platforms your target audience uses.
  • Be original and express your unique thoughts. The fact that 20% of viewers stop watching videos in the first ten seconds is not surprising, given that people now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. Keep your videos brief and begin with a compelling hook to capture their interest.
  • Avoid being modest. You can demonstrate your brand's distinctive and exceptional charteristics by telling a story visually and audibly in a video advertisement. Gain attention by showcasing your company's best attributes and don’t shy away from standing out.
  • Persuade people to register as leads by using a CTA. Give the audience interaction opportunities with your brand once they're interested in including a call to action after the video that will stick with them and increase their likelihood of converting.
  • Use a video program on your phone. Make it easier for yourself and use an excellent app to create promotional video ads for your small business. Seek for a platform that can integrate with your phone while allowing you to edit the video and add music with just a few taps.

Final Thoughts

You should invest in video ads promotion for your company if you haven't done so already. Start creating video ideas on your landing page to promote your business and distribute targeted video ads to the customers you want to convert. You will have an advantage over companies in your industry who are yet to join the movement.

You'll also receive additional viral traffic as a bonus once you've mastered the art of creating brand videos and providing your potential customers with content they find interesting, helpful, and worthwhile.

Start Creating Videos For Your Small Business!

Do you need assistance spreading the word about your company or brand? TM Creates will assist you in producing a branded video. We are a team of video creatives based in Sydney, passionate about helping brands tell their stories through premium online video content in the most efficient, engaging, and genuine manner possible. Click below to request a free quote now from professional video producers in Sydney.

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