Feb 08, 2022

8 Videos Every Marketing Funnel Needs to Make a Powerful Customer Journey

You’ve probably played with video marketing once or twice over the course of your career. Or perhaps you’ve created a video to announce a new product or service. 

You may ask yourself, “There’s one video on my website, isn’t that enough?”

But I’m here to tell you the real answer to that question. NO.

In this post, we’ll show you ways you can use video to reach your target audience win over customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Why do you ask?

From creating brand awareness to nurturing customer relationships, there is nothing video can’t help with. You can easily incorporate video into all of your marketing efforts. 

Video can have a huge impact on attracting new audiences, educating leads, providing social proof and converting prospects into customers. That’s why we believe marketers should be using video at every stage of the marketing funnel. 

So where should you start?

Well, think about what is already working for you and amplify it with video. Video can be used at every stage of the funnel, but you only have to introduce it one video at a time.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a process that helps marketers convert prospects into customers. It is a sequential set of steps in your marketing strategy that are designed to guide prospects through the buying process, converting individuals from leads to loyal customers.

Marketing funnels are also often referred to as conversion funnels. They are typically divided into four parts: awareness, consideration, conversion and retention

Marketing funnel

The Value of Content in the Marketing Funnel

The idea behind marketing funnel is simple: it shows how much attention and consideration a customer needs before making a purchase decision, illustrating the need for content throughout the process of moving potential customers towards becoming actual customers. 

The shape of the funnel is wide at the top with a narrow bottom because it demonstrates that it takes time for prospects to become buyers.

Think about the funnel-like touchpoints. 

As a shopper, we typically go through a series of steps before making a purchase. From learning about the product or service to signing up for emails, following the brand on social media and checking out multiple pages and blogs on the website. 

When it comes to the number of touchpoints necessary to guarantee prospecting success, according to Hubspot, that number is around eight.

What does that mean?

  1. You need multiple types of content marketing in different locations
  2. Your content needs to have varying messages, from introducing to educating and direct selling
  3. Every time you contact a prospect, you need to provide value in a new way

For example, initially, you might create a highly engaging video for social media to catch your audience's eye and then lead them to a promotional video with a little bit more detail on landing pages.

The Importance of Videos in Customer Journey

Videos are a powerful medium of communication and marketing. They can be used to tell a story, offer instructions, generate hype or demonstrate product or service details. Videos offer an excellent way to engage your audience and persuade them to take action.

  • Videos generate better click-through rates, 
  • Videos create higher conversion rates
  • Videos have higher average order values than any other form of content marketing.

8 Videos for Every Marketing Funnel Stage

Video is the first step to get customers engaged. It’s more than just about creating one video. It’s about creating a series of engaging content. 

1. Pre-roll and social videos 

Generate hype and increase the awareness of your brand with short videos (15-30 seconds max.) that are paid ads that appear on social media

2. Thought leadership

Build your expertise in a particular industry and share your valuable knowledge with online tutorials and interview videos

3. Company Stories

Don’t just tell viewers, show them. Give them an insight, a behind the scenes in action and invite them into your company to create trust.

4. Product Demos and How To’s

Show how your product or service can help solve customers problems. Make it relatable and specific, eliminating all challenges and confusion for new customers.

5. Explainer Videos

Quickly tell your brand's story in a memorable way, highlighting your brand's product or service and giving insightful information to prospective customers.

6. Testimonials

As customers enter the conversion phase, they want social proof and validation from other customers success. So what better way than with a customer testimonial video

7. Case Studies

Highlight a more in-depth use case of a customer engaging with your product or service, and how you helped them solve their problem. Compare before and after, and don’t forget a call to action at the end!

8. Feature launches and behind the scenes videos

show how you continue to add value to your customers’ lives with engaging video content showcasing new features and your company culture putting customers first.

TIP: Use educational videos at the top of the funnel, explainer videos for the middle of funnel and demos, testimonials, and more videos for the bottom of the funnel


8 videos for every marketing funnel sage

Conclusion: The Importance of using videos in your marketing funnel

Clearly, video has the power to improve the customer journey and make your marketing even more effective. They are an excellent way to engage with your audience, be more personal and allow you to show off your personality.

Videos are a great way to enhance the customer experience and they can be used in many different ways throughout your marketing funnel.

Tell Your Story Using Videos

You can use videos at every single stage of the customer journey. And we can help you get started! Want to learn how to use video in your brand marketing funnel? Let TM Creates help. Please click below to request a free quote today!

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