Product Videos

Do you want to sell that gizmo?

Are you looking for a Sydney animation studio to create a product marketing video for your business?

What the heck is that 'thingamabob'?

What is a product video?

Let your customers know all of the gizmo features they need to have with a product video that wows their socks off. Promote your product and demonstrate how it works in the real world through an engaging story that leaves a lasting impression.

Do you want to sell IT or not?

Product videos that get the word out...

Two words... Product Video. Get your product in front of people and the world. Demonstrate how to use your product. Showcase what a product can do. Learn more and understand the products ability. The potential is endless!

Product Videos that get the word out...

✔ Leave a lasting impression
✔ Make customers dive deeper
✔ Wet customers appetites
✔ Get you more sales

How to make product videos

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1. Plan

Planning and concepting, bring ideas to paper

We work with you to create the vision and goals 

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2. Create

We film, edit and create your product videos for marketing

The really fun bit! We create the video or animation

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3. Share

Share your video everywhere, loud and proud!

You love us forever and add us to your Christmas card list

TM Creates animated video production packages:


Scurry, sniff, flinch - It's all I need! We'll use our magic to bring to life your concept and storyboard.


Make a big splash with your product with our full package! Our team will help you create strategic, engaging, content that gets results

Frequently asked questions


What are the benefits of using a product marketing video on your website?
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Product videos are a powerful form of content as they can sell products in ways no other content can. The best part is that it doesn't need to be long and gives the viewer the information they need in the most concise way possible.
Product videos have the ability to gain potential customers:

• Demonstrate clearly and result in purchases
• Increase conversion rates
• Increase in traffic to your site
• Assist in ranking better in search engine results and SEO

Should I film my product live or recreate the product in an animation?
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Product video animation is a great way to showcase your product. It has the power not only to convey the look and feel of your product but also to give an insight into how it works.

Live action shows no ambiguity, demonstrating exactly what you're getting, how to use it and how it can fit in your lifestyle.

Ultimately, your answer depends on what you are trying to achieve with your video and how easy it is to show it live action. Product videos are a great way to increase conversion rates and drive traffic to your website. They provide customers with the opportunity to see the product in action and answer any questions before making a purchase.

How effective are product demo videos?
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Product demos are an effective video strategy to introduce a product, show its use cases and how to use it. A demo video should be well-made, easy-to-follow, and provide accurate information about what viewers can expect from using the product in their own life so that they know if it is worth buying or not.

A study shows that the conversion rate for e-commerce websites with product demonstration videos is 2x higher than those without such video content. Product demonstration videos help to break up the monotony of scrolling through lists of products and offers, which in turn makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for which increases sales.

What are the different types of product videos?
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From product demonstrations and promotional videos highlighting a product feature on social media, to a how-to video, unboxing video or an explainer video on your website or product page. You can even capture customer testimonials using your product-in-action or use an animated product video... their many ways to use videos to highlight and sell your product. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your product

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