Video storytelling services Sydney

We produce a smorgasbord of powerful, inspiring content using video storytelling strategies to look at the BIG picture for your business.

What do our video production services include?

Why invest in a professional video production service? Simply put, a lot more goes into making a video than just filming. From creative concepts and script-writing to videography, motion graphics, editing and more! Our creative agency streamline that production process for brands and businesses of all sizes and budgets. Ask us for our most popular video packages today.


Explainer Video

Explainer videos are great for helping your customer understand your business, or product. And once a customer understands your business, they’re more likely to buy!

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Training Video

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? Teach skills or knowledge by video to your customers and employees and make training and learning, both fun and engaging.

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Animated Video

We love making animated videos for brands, with the potential being endless! They’re a winner for telling any kind of story in a way that makes your audience take notice. Motion graphics, 2D animation, how-to videos, you name it!

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Product Video

Shape the way your brand is seen and shared. Engage, entertain and connect through the power of story. We will effectively demonstrate the benefits of your product of your service, with promotional videos.

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What TM Creates can do for your business

Our corporate video production services are unique. We believe the process should be just as fun as the work itself. Not only do we want to bring your brand to life, we also want to help you make new friends. After all, loyal customers are your biggest advocates, and by humanising your brand by telling your story with professional videos, you can reach your target audience and create those super fans.


Testimonial Video

It’s not what you say, it’s what others say about you. So, let your customers do the talking with a powerful testimonial video and increase your social proof.

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Videos for Social

Social videos are the holy grail of your marketing campaign. Stop people in their scrolling tracks, with a social media video that informs, engages and entertains. We know which social media video formats work effectively and where.

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Our Process

From design to delivery, we provide an individual, personalised experience through the entire production process. No bouncing between departments and people in our video production company. Here’s how our easy process works:

01. Creative development
When it comes to your brand, you’re the authority. We take our extensive experience in video production and combine it with the knowledge you have of your brand to create unique concepts that inspire, persuade, inform and sell.

02. Pre-Production
With the creative development taken care of, our expert team will then shape the concept into an engaging video. From scriptwriting and storyboarding, to scouting film locations and making music selections.

03. Creative development
From scripted scenes to in-depth interviews or ad-lib event filming, we can handle it all. Every story is unique, and so is every production. We aim to be at the cutting edge of creative originality in every element of the production.

04. Post-Production
We work our magic to stitch together highly engaging footage to ensure the message of your video production is story-focused and on point. Everything from motion graphics and animation, to colour grading and sound mixing, we take care of the smallest details.

Boring isn't in our DNA

We’ll bring your story to life, making your business stand out & your message POP!