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TM Creates is a video production company and animation studio that specialises in working with small businesses and business owners. We are a trusted partner for Hey You, GOFAR and more. Therefore, we understand the significance of high quality, story-focused videos for small businesses within specific budgets.


Why you need videos for your business

Video marketing is an essential part of growing your business. From building brand awareness to driving traffic, increasing engagement and converting leads into customers. The power video is exponential!

Videos that snap, crackle and pop

How to use videos throughout your business marketing

As a small business, it's even more important to stand out from the crowd and highlight your differences. What better way than with video? Video content helps educate, entertain and engage your audience. By using strategic marketing videos, you'll achieve a huge advantage over your competitors. You can use videos throughout your marketing channels. From explainer videos on landing pages to testimonial videos in marketing email marketing, how-to videos for converting and behind the scenes for loyal customers. The potential is endless.

Video can help you

✔ Stand out and cut through the noise
✔ Create engagement and build trust
✔ Reach your marketing goals
✔ Persuade, engage and inform potential customers
✔ Build brand awareness

What we do


Explainer videos logo

Short, punchy videos, to explain, educate and entertain your audience

Training videos logo

Train your team with educational videos and engaging content that make your message stick

Animated Videos logo

From animated motion graphics, to videos and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered

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Product Videos

We use promotional videos to make your product POP, stand out and be remembered

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Have your current customers convince your new customers that they need to work with you #winning

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Perfect for sharing with people who can't attend, showcasing what you can do and maximising your event 

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Storytelling videos that make your company look like it’s the only place people wanna do business with

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Videos which will stop their scrolling, tag their friends and share immediately 

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Our Process

From design to delivery, we provide an individual, personalised experience through the entire production process. No bouncing between departments and people in our video production company. Here’s how our easy process works:

01. Creative development
When it comes to your brand, you’re the authority. We take our extensive experience in video production and combine it with the knowledge you have of your brand to create unique concepts that inspire, persuade, inform and sell.

02. Pre-Production
With the creative development taken care of, our expert team will then shape the concept into an engaging video. From scriptwriting and storyboarding, to scouting film locations and making music selections.

03. Production
From scripted scenes to in-depth interviews or ad-lib event filming, we can handle it all. Every story is unique, and so is every production. We aim to be at the cutting edge of creative originality in every element of the production.

04. Post-Production
We work our magic to stitch together highly engaging footage to ensure the message of your video production is story-focused and on point. Everything from motion graphics and animation, to colour grading and sound mixing, we take care of the smallest details.

Ready. Set. Create.

We use storytelling strategies to look at the big picture, making sure our professional videos reflect your small business goals. We're the only video production company in Sydney your small business will ever need.

How to Get Started with Small Business Video Marketing

We want to work with you to tell your story.

Whether you know exactly what you want or are looking to discuss ideas, processes and pricing, get in touch with us.

Small Business Video Production FAQs


How do you make a small business video?
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A small business video should be one of your first steps in marketing your company. Videos are a great way to showcase the work that you do, highlight your differentiator and stand out. They are also an excellent way to engage with potential customers, increase your SEO and humanise your brand.

Start small and slowly create more and more. There are many different types of videos that can be made for your business, depending on what you want to show off about your company. Here are some of the most popular types:

- Promotional videos - This type of video is great for showcasing a product or service in action. It's also perfect for introducing new employees or promoting a special event.

- Explainer videos - These short, fun videos help explain what your company does and why it's worth investing in it. They're perfect for showing off how unique your company is, or how you can solve a problem.

- Educational videos - These are perfect for teaching and showing exactly how you can help your customers make a transformation. Everything from how-to videos to product demos and training videos.

How much does it cost to produce a video for a small business?
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The cost of producing a video for a small business depends on the type of video. For example, if you want to create a short video, it will cost you around $500-$1500. But if you want to create a long-form video, it will cost you around $2,000-$5,000.

The production process can be broken down into three steps: preproduction, production and post-production. Preproduction is when the script is written and the video is planned. Production is when the filming takes place and all the footage is captured. Post-production includes editing and adding music to make your video look professional. You can also use animation and motion graphics to add variety.

What industries use video the most?
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Video has become a staple in many different industries. It is one of the most popular marketing and advertising methods that are used today, with video companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube seeing more than 80% of their users watch videos on their site.

Whether you’re in e-commerce, education, IT, non-profit, manufacturing, hospitality, financial, agriculture, transport or a different industry, video is for you.

What is needed to start a video production?
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The key to successful video production is the story. The story can be a narration of an event, a demonstration of a product, or an introduction to an organisation. The most important thing is that the story must be compelling and engaging.

The next most important thing is the script. This should include all the information that needs to be communicated in the video in order for it to be effective. The script should also include any necessary instructions for those who will be recording or filming it.

Finally, there are the visuals or images that need to accompany the story in order for it to come alive and engage viewers.

What types of small businesses need videos?
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Whether you have new business ideas or old ones, every brand needs videos in its marketing. Videos are an excellent way to increase engagement and show off your products or services. However, they're not always easy to create. To make it easier on you, we've compiled a list of the types of small businesses that should have videos.

- Local businesses
- Service providers
- Restaurants and hotels
- Educational providers
- Nonprofits and charities
- Businesses with a specific product or service

Should I make a video for my business?
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Yes. Video marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to promote your business. It's a great way to reach a wider audience and make your company seem more accessible. After all, video accounts for 80% of global internet traffic.

Your first video should be short and concise, with a clear message that you want to convey. You can iterate on it or make more videos over time, but it’s important to start somewhere. Videos also work well when they are combined with other marketing techniques, such as social media posts or blog posts.

How much should a small business be investing in video production?
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For a small business owner, video production is an important part of a small business's marketing strategy. It can be used to promote products and services, build brand awareness, and engage with customers. The investment in video production should depend on the size of the company, their target audience, and the goals they have set for themselves. You should aim to make one video a month, creating a variety of video types to use in the different stages of the marketing funnel.

What are the best ways to promote small businesses with video?
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Promoting small businesses with video is a great way to connect with customers. Videos are engaging and they can be used to show the business’s culture.

Some of the best ways to promote small businesses with video are:
- Using videos on social media
- Posting videos on YouTube
- Creating short videos for email marketing campaigns
- Producing long form videos for TV