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Educate your audience with training videos that make the message stick.

Are you looking for a video production company to create an effective training videos for your business?

Teach, educate, train...

Great training videos

Imagine being able to rewind and replay training material at the flick of a button to get the best possible educational outcome. Certainly, a whole lot easier, and more exiting, than going through a wordy document...

Video is the most effective way to get your message retained when it comes to educating viewers on a specific topic.

The best form of message retention

Why should you train using video?

No one wants to read a manual or hunt down information. Our video services can offer easy demo videos, explainer videos, step-by-step instructional videos and tutorials, or other lessons that are memorable and have messages that are more easily retained.

Great Training Videos...

✔ Increase information retention
✔ Are easily shared, anytime, anywhere
✔ Create engagement
✔ Saves your company money and resources

How we make training videos

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1. Plan

Planning and concepting, bringing an idea into a script

We work with you to create the vision and goals 

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2. Create

We map the story, film and bring the idea to life

The really fun bit! We create the video or animation

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3. Edit

From editing to adding motion graphics for a final video

You love us forever and add us to your Christmas card list

TM Creates educational video production packages:


Build a solid foundaation! We'll use our magic to bring to life your concept and storyboard.


Get the message out to the entire troop with our full package! Our team will help you create engaging training content that gets results.

Frequently asked questions


How effective are business training videos for employees?
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Training videos are a great way to provide employees with the necessary skills they need to be successful. Whether it be for a new computer system or a new process in the office, these videos can make learning much more efficient and turn complex concepts, simple.

The bottom line is: if you want your employees to engage with your training, you need to make it interesting, and videos are much more likely to keep their attention than basic text documents or classroom lectures.

Are videos good for learning?
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Video produced offers a richer experience because it has video and audio, which helps the audience connect with the content more deeply. The visual elements of videos make them more immersive, which can lead to better retention rates for viewers. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so people will remember what they see much more easily than what they read. Additionally, it can be an excellent resource for learners who are not available at the time of the live session.

What are the challenges of producing a video training course?
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Video training courses are booming in popularity these days, but it’s not easy to create one that provides consistent value. This is because there are many factors that have to be taken into account, including the type of course you are creating, the type of training video you want to produce, and whether or not you require animation.

While you can head almost anywhere for training video production services, the only way to ensure you will receive the best training video material available, would be to work with us.

Can you use videos to train employees in any industry?
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Yes, you can use a corporate training video to train employees in any industry. The key is to create high quality interactive videos that are engaging and offer a variety of resources for the learner. By creating targeted content that is specific to the industry, you have the potential to reach more employees and train your staff more effectively, making it a pleasure to work.

The 4 benefits of using videos to train your employees
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Video content is highly recommended for displaying information that will stick in your employees minds. Additionally, videos have even more potential, in that:
1. They can be used anywhere, making them convenient for employees who have multiple locations or travel often.
2. They can be watched at anytime, so theres no need to get all employees available at one time.
3. They provide the learner with the opportunity to replay certain segments if they need additional help understanding a concept or process.
4. The visual aspect helps learners retain information better than if they were just reading what you had written on paper.

How much does it cost to produce a video training course?
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There are many factors that play a role in the cost of producing a video training course. It largely depends on the type of course being produced, the length of the video and how many videos are needed in a series. However training videos are cost effective and they are reusable.

Since there are too many factors to consider when estimating the cost for producing a video training course, it is best to get in touch with us to provide an accurate estimate.

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