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Stop people from scrolling away with video content thats authentic, highly targeted and engaging

We're a social media video production company creating thumb stoppin' social video content!

Social videos need to be...

Attention grabbin' videos!

Social media video marketing is for everyone! After all, all brands and businesses aim to successfully capture our target audience on social media. Effective social media video content is short, delivering the message with a punch and getting people engaged.

Our social media marketing videos are

Engaging videos that convert

Are you looking for more likes, shares, clicks and ultimately, sales?
Our social media video maker takes the guess work out of social video production for you. With so much content out there on social media, it’s imperative to cut through the noise. TM Creates social video production is strategically designed to optimise engagement and get you results!

Social videos that stop you from scrolling, should...

✔ Generate leads
✔ Create engagement
✔ Boost brand awareness
✔ Increase web traffic

The 5 steps of creating engaging short videos

Ideate icon


Brainstrom ideas, research competitors and get inspired

We work with you to create the vision and goals 

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We plan, script and storyboard your social video marketing videos

The really fun bit! We create the video or animation

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Now the fun part - record and animate! Bring your video marketing to life

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Put together all the assets to make a kick ass social media video

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Finally, you're ready to share and get your video out everywhere

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TM Creates online and social media video production packages:


Mark your territory with your own creative idea, storyboard and script? Let our highly-skilled team bring your ideas to life.


Stand out from the crowd with our full package. Our team will help you create strategic, engaging, storytelling content that gets results

Frequently asked questions


Why are videos so effective on social media?
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Video allows you to be concise and capture viewers' interest in the first few seconds, which is critical to cut through noise. Social media success lies in your ability to condense information down into snack-able bites of content that is long enough to maintain viewers' attention but short enough to leave them wanting more. This is what makes video so effective!

Here’s a snapshot of 2021 evidence that your people love online video:
66% of people said they’d prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service. (Elite Content Marketer)
78% of users got more traffic to their website after using videos. (Renderforest)
1/3 of all online activity is spent watching the video. (Siteefy)
78% of people
watch videos online each week, and 55% watch videos every day. (50 Wheel)
In view of the facts about the consumption of social video it becomes apparent that any brand that’s not using social video is missing out on a huge opportunity.

Why do social videos need to be made in different sizes and lengths?
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Because different lengths and sizes will allow you to reach a wider range of viewers. Social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all have different rules when it comes to video length and sizes, including limitations on how long the video can be and how much content can be shown in one video. Here is a rough understanding:

• YouTube video and LinkedIn videos suit a longer form of video length with more information.
• Facebook video and Instagram video posts suit short and sharp square videos, whilst an Instagram story suits vertical videos.
• Twitter video should be short and punchy in either square or HD resolution.
• Tiktok video should contain crazy and engaging content, with almost anything possible

Video content and video ads should be made with varied messaging, lengths and resolutions to suit each  social platform.

Should you put your social videos online as a paid video ad?
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One of the biggest advantages of paid ads is that you can reach your target audience more directly. There is a huge opportunity to tailor videos to particular audiences and help cut through the noise. Paid ads are not of course a guarantee and should be used as only a part of your marketing strategies, in-conjunction with other video content on your landing pages, website and a part of email marketing.

What are the top reasons businesses usual social media videos?
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Businesses are turning to social media videos for a number of reasons. The most popular reasons are to increase brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and drive more traffic to the site.

Video is a powerful and effective tool for your businesses marketing strategy. It helps in gaining customer attention and providing information about your product or service. Videos can educate, entertain and inform in a way that no other content can. That's what makes them most popular tool for businesses to use in their social marketing.

How much do social videos cost?
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A great social media video can be produced for as little as $500 + GST.
This will involve using motion graphics, repurposing footage or simply sparking up stock footage with awesome visual elements.

What makes a successful social media video?
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Grabbing the audience's attention is crucial, but keeping them glued on your video content is even more important. To do this, you need to craft high-quality video content that will make them want to stick around and see more. Your videos must not only look, sound, and feel great, but it should also share a compelling story that evokes emotion, and shows relevance and value.

Instantly connect with your viewers with engaging social media videos like these:

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